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    Abnehmen body change quotes

    It has to do with how you see yourself, what you tell yourself about your body, how you describe your body, and how you think, feel and behave toward your body — all work to create your body image.Despite all the pressure to look a certain way, you can change your body image without dieting or controlling what you eat. To better understand your body image, think about how you relate to your body.Many people think body image is only an issue for people who aren’t stereotypically thin, or who have an eating disorder, but the truth is body image has nothing to do with one’s size, or whether you struggle with an eating disorder.See if you can change one way in which you treat your body unkindly.For example, some people think more negative thoughts about their bodies when they are feeling anxious or nervous.Choose one of these components of body image to work on and focus your attention on it.INTERRUPT CRITICAL THINKING ABOUT YOUR BODY Another way to counteract critical thinking about your body is to become aware of when you’re thinking that way, then interrupt your thoughts by turning your attention to something else.There are thin women who think that they are fat, women who fit the societal standard of beauty who think they are ugly, and many people who daily struggle with discomfort, shame, embarrassment, and hatred about their bodies.By working on your anxiety, you may find that you feel better and aren’t thinking as many negative thoughts about your body.Or, tell yourself that you don’t want to say those things about your body any more — that you want to respect and love your body. Try putting lotion or oil on your body slowly, thoughtfully, and gently.Try noticing that you have a body, and be kind to it.

    If that’s true for you, you may want to think about what you can do to help yourself to feel more calm and safe, such as acknowledge how you feel, say something reassuring to yourself, and take a few deep breaths.For example, if you begin to change how you describe your body, you will start to think differently about your body, and this will effect how you feel about your body.That might sound overwhelming, but it’s actually good news — changes in one area will lead to changes in the others.How do you: Each of these ways of relating to your body effects the others, they are inter-connected.Some people also say positive things about their body, affirming what they like or what they want to like about their bodies. For example, when you put lotion on your body, notice how you do it. Notice the sensation of your hand touching your body.


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